Crafting Custom Content for Wellness Leaders

Hey! I’m Michele and I help wellness leaders use the right words to get people psyched on their ideas. With my help, you’ll nurture your tribe weekly and never run out of things to say.

Why am I the wordsmith for you?

I’m also Health Coach. Whatever you’re selling, I’m probably into it (or have heard of it). Therefore, I understand the mind of your clients. I bet:

You love your work, but don’t know how to write about it (without sounding robotic).

You’re successful and want to sound like it online.

You blank out when it comes to what to post. Never run out of things to say, again.

Clients hire me to write email campaigns, sales pages, social media, web copy, blogs, as well as, edit all the things (emails, blogs, books, websites, you name it).  

I received my BFA in Visual Communications from Kean University, Health Coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Youth Mentor certification with Shine from Within. I’ve co-authored the book, Empowering Transformations for women and worked for Whole Foods Market as their Healthy Eating Specialist. Both on my bucket list, check!

I also teach classes on essential oils, because they’re amazing!

Here’s how I can help you:

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I’ll craft the right words to get more eyes on you. I believe when you speak from the heart, people listen to you.

Essential Oil Classes

essential oil classes

Learn how to use essential oils safely and why you might want to. Click Learn More to see Michele’s class schedule.

Photo Credit: Milissa Claire


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