What Clients Had to Say

Melinda Applegate Qigong

Michele is wonderful and I loved working with her, which is why I hired her again.

I highly recommend her for many reasons. She's calm, cool, and collected under pressure. She delivers when she says she will. She is creative, innovative, and a self-starter. She listens very well to your needs and then always excels expectations, I couldn't be more happier, which is why I hired her again and always will.

She help me work on an email campaign with MailChimp and setup my requirements for the future with Facebook and website which we are currently working on now. She came to one of my Qigong classes and took pictures and is very enthusiastic, which fires me up.

At the same time she's level-headed and practical. She also has helped me learn the social media tricks to be more effective and timely in my communication with my targeted audience. - Melinda Applegate, Certified Qigong Instructor,

Michele is awesome. She has a talent for words. She wrote sales page copy and email marketing for several of my programs and loved how she was able to capture my voice.

While I built Intuitive Intelligence Academy, she was my right hand person making sure my clients were taken care of and always had what they needed. I'm thankful that she took such good care of them. They all love her. If you need someone reliable and heart-centered to help run your business, hire her. - Melissa Binkley, Founder of Intuitive Intelligence,

Melissa Binkley
Stacey Rose

When I hired Michele to help with social media, I didn't realize I was about to meet a driven, creative, reliable, and kind woman.

She brought a professional and organized approach to my social media marketing. As a psychotherapist, I am an expert in helping people create and sustain healthy relationships but Michele is a professional at getting my messages out to the masses! I would highly recommend her!! - Dr. Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW, Founder of Rose Relationship Learning Center,

Bailey Frumen

The best part about working with Michele is that she's warm and understanding.

She checks for clarity with whatever I need and is unwaveringly reliable. She helped me create flow in my messaging, consistency in my copy, and an increased confidence that what I had to say to the world was translating in a relatable way.

I've had a very successful launch to my Inspired Living Program, which helped broaden my audience and message as a Life Coach. I was proud to recommend Michele to my friends, knowing they would be in good hands. - Bailey Frumen, Psychotherapist + Lifestyle Design Coach,

Maria Romaine Brace Beach Body

Thank you for the advice, clarity, and motivation!

Any type of social media plan makes it that much easier to follow. You’re the best! - Maria Romaine Brace, Beach Body Coach,

Dana Leipold Writer

She’s a real keeper.

I would recommend Michele for any entrepreneur who’s looking for someone to help them get organized, support their mission, offer creative ideas, and do the work that needs to be done.

Michele can also write! Her copy is light, fun, and packs a punch. Many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by copywriting and she can really help you out here. She’s a real keeper. - Dana Leipold, Copywriter & Author of The Power of Writing Well,

Richard Schriber

Michele carefully read every word of my book.

She offered great feedback and clarifications re: grammar, continuity and readability. I wasn't sure if my book was readable, flowed, made sense and/or was written well. Working with Michele helped me to realize all were up to par! - Richard Schreiber, Author

Kimberly Houghtaling Meet the Right Man

Your edits are superb!

I'm very happy with your work. You made the book sharp and to the point so it would appeal to the masses. - Kim Houghtaling, Author of Meet the Right Man

Amy Lundberg

Before hiring Michele to write my emails, I wasn’t getting them done at all.

I trusted my topics would be in good hands with Michele and with her experience to write on body, mind and spiritual content. She' has been fantastic, meets her deadlines. As a result, I am getting out two articles a month with 15%-20% open rate each time. I would absolutely recommend Michele for any writing, social media, or marketing piece. - Amy Lundberg, Health Coach,

Suzanne Foglio Vibrant Life After Cancer

You are so well versed in the wellness world.

You have so much to contribute in addition to your creativity. I love your writing style! You are organized, creative, and curious. You help me complete my thoughts. Having you to collaborate with has been a gift to me. - Suzanne Foglio, Health Coach,

Ronna Corlin Health Coach

Michele is the Virtual Assistant everyone wishes they had.

She introduced me to the concept after knowing her as a gifted holistic health coach. Her deep business knowledge and ability to zero in and tailor direction to assist her clients in positioning their business for growth is invaluable.

Michele brings a dynamic mix of business acumen, warmth, professionalism, and high energy to her service. She’s well informed, resourceful, generous, and deeply cares about her clients. Michele knows how to organize, prioritize, research, guide and develop strategies for brand building for clients looking to take their business to the next level.

Working with Michele I‘ve launched a monthly newsletter, discovered the power of adhering to an editorial calendar as it pertains to my blog and social media, and moved wish list projects from the back burner to simmer in the present.

If you’re seeking a helping hand in the virtual world and looking for that business ‘concierge’ who combines outstanding and dedicated service with smarts, a big possibilities vision, and a personality that makes for a really pleasant day at the office, you’ll want to consider exploring what Michele can do to relieve your pressure and provide tools to inspire new business. She’s a jewel. - Ronna Corlin, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach,

Kathryn Faso A Better Life with Kathryn Young Living Essential Oils Platinum

Before working with Michele, my marketing was all over the place.

Now, my message is more focused and direct. I love your creativity and easy flowing style. - Kathryn Faso, Young Living Leader,

Stephanie Jo Johnson Heal My Soul: Begin Healing Your Soul From the Devastation of Divorce

My book on Amazon is

not a dream. YOU made it a reality!

You were so easy to work with. You were knowledgable and when you didn’t know something, you were resourceful. Never putting it back on me. :-) - Stephanie Johnson, Author of Heal My Soul: Begin Healing Your Soul From the Devastation of Divorce